Bugatti Espresso:The Bugatti that you might didn't know

Almost being the most affordable Bugatti that ever made

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From 1987 to 1995,The Bugatti was owned by an Italian businessman named Romano Artioli.In 1987.After he owned Bugatti,He also the importer of Suzuki cars in Italy.One day,He was planned to sold the Suzuki Cappucino in the European market.But unfortunately it didn’t pass the safety regulations in the Europe.

But Artioli don’t give up.So he take advantage of Bugatti that also owned by him that time.In the 1992,Bugatti Automobili deploys their design team to design a Suzuki Cappucino that can be sold both in Japan and Europe.

But how about the name? Well similar to the Cappucino,It also named after coffee name.That is Espresso.It also shares the similar 660 cc 3 cylinder engine and similar size as the Cappucino.

What makes the Espresso special is it’s an Mid engined and has T-Top.It’s similar to the Honda S660 that also mid engined even though it didn’t have the T-Top.Unfortunately,This project didn’t make it into the production line.Because just after this project started,Bugatti got bankrupt again before then got bought by Volkswagen group.

But it doesn’t mean the Espresso died 100%.In the 1993,Artioli bought Lotus and the first car that produced by Lotus when owned by Artioli is the Lotus Elise.Believe or not,The Lotus Elise has some similarities with the Espresso.

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