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Bugatti Gives up the Fight for The Fastest Road Legal Car

27w ago


While the whole World is still waiting to see what Chiron is really capable of, beyond the top speed limiter, folks at Bugatti have simply given up on showing it. According to the interview, Bugatti CEO - Stephan Winkelmann gave, the top speed figures aren't all that interesting for them anymore.

So that's it, one of the contenders for breaking the 300mph barrier is out. Hennessey, it's up to you now. And Koenigsegg could join up the fight too.

But there is more bad news. Winkelmann say that there won't be a roadster version of Chiron either. Instead, they will focus their efforts on introducing a yet another model in a totally different segment.

Galibier will soon turn ten, and has the highest chance of making it to a production model. I just hope they do something about the styling. That one was a turd nugget.

Source: TopGear.com

So what are your thoughts on this? Bugatti giving up on what made them what they are today? After 3 world records: Veyron (408,47 km/h), Veyron Super Sport (431km/h), Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse(408 km/h), they are just going to give up?

They know it will be embarrassing? Are petrol-powered cars done? Comment!

In the meantime, take a look at what it takes to reach the current top speed record - 277.87 mph