Bugatti releases a second clue and we still don't know what they're telling us!

    What's this announcement going to be?!

    4w ago


    Last week, Bugatti posted a photo across its social medias showing what appeared to be the brake lights of a car in the shape of a cross, saying they will announce something soon.

    A few days have passed, and we are still none the wiser but Bugatti just posted this image on its social media showing the numbers 0,67 - but what does this mean?

    Firstly, it can't be a 0-60mph time as that would be ridiculous, but we'd love to see it. However, it could be 0,67 minutes which is around 42 seconds and that also happens to be the Chiron's 0-400kph time. So, maybe something along those lines?

    But who knows what kind of curveball Bugatti will throw our way. All will be revealed on October 28th!

    What do you think '0,67' could mean?

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    Comments (55)

      • 1 month ago
      • What is that/where did you find it?

          1 month ago
      • Bugatti entry in the hypercar class for Le Mans? It would kind of make sense and the go to team to run the car Joest racing who ran the Audi's doesn't current have a works contract.

          1 month ago
    • Drag Coefficient?

      Special financing 0.67 % ;)

        1 month ago
    • I believe 0.67 would be the theoretical power to weight of a car entering the new lemans hypercar class (740bhp/1100kg)

        1 month ago
      • If that’s the case. It’s literally half the car of the Chiron (not in performance metrics I don’t believe) but half the HP and half the weight pretty much?

          1 month ago
      • I assume it would be RWD, no prop shaft, front drive shafts, or front diff. Fewer turbos, less radiators. No sound deadening, I recon it’s plausible

          1 month ago
    • 0.67 is the combined MPG

        30 days ago
    • 1967: The first year of use for the Bugatti Circuit in the French Grand Prix?

      The could have some track car thingy going on



        1 month ago


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