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Bugatti teases a new hypercar

Or is it just a new special series?

1y ago

The year 2019 was a landmark year for Bugatti. The brand released the Chiron Super Sport 300+, which became the first production car in the world to break the legendary 300 mph mark. However, this record is not homologated since the car did not run in both directions. It is therefore not possible to make the comparison with Koenigsegg and Hennessey. Several vehicles also joined the Bugatti portfolio, such as the exceptional La Voiture Noire and the Centodieci.

The first was the most expensive new car in the world at $18 million, and the second paid tribute to the EB110 of the 1990s. And to start the New Year, Bugatti published the teaser of a new hypercar on its Instagram page. The car in question was hidden on a sheet and lurked in the darkness.

The question now is whether it is a brand new model or a special series of an existing model. It's hard to tell because the sheet is very thick. The overall shapes look very much like the Chiron, or perhaps the Divo. So it could probably be a new special series of the Chiron or the Divo. In any case, it is very likely that by the time this article is published, the future owners (or the future owner if the vehicle is unique) have already seen the car.

Maybe we have here the long-awaited future Bugatti SUV? It is unlikely given the proportions. But we should not exclude any hypothesis. In any case, this model will surely make its public debut at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show. Bugatti may well surprise everyone and actually reveal the new 4-door sedan!

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  • Why ruin a brand with an SUV, now Bugatti? Another reason I stay with the older.

      1 year ago
  • Sorry but the render makes me puke, hope that's not too harsh 🤮

      1 year ago

      1 year ago
  • Cadillac & Porsche did also

      1 year ago
  • Bring back the galibier

      1 year ago