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Bugatti to leave Volkswagen for Rimac

The deal would almost be finalized

The automotive magazine "Car Magazine" has just unearthed a nice scoop: Volkswagen is about to cede Bugatti to the Croats at Rimac.

According to the magazine, the sale deal was approved by Volkswagen executives, but it did not go to the German auto group's supervisory board.

It should be noted that if the sale is concluded, Volkswagen would always keep an eye on Bugatti thanks to the 15.5% of the capital of Rimac held by Porsche, and that Porsche would increase its shares in the capital of Rimac.

Why this sale?

According to Car Magazine, Volkswagen would no longer wish to finance Bugatti following the departure of Ferdinand Piëch from the German group in 2015.

The Piëch family still owning 50% of the capital of Volkswagen has always been hard to convince about the sale of Bugatti. The solution found, according to Car Magazine, would be that Porsche be the big beneficiary of the sale of Bugatti, the stated objective would be that Porsche owns 49% of the capital of Rimac, this objective being considered as the final goal of this sale.

Finally Volswagen could sell other brands like Lamborghini, Seat, Italdesign and Ducati (which are all under "investigation", ie the potential of sale is examined with magnifying glass).

Let's wait for official confirmation, but given that Car Magazine is a serious magazine, this article is quite reliable (in my opinion).


Car Magazine Article

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Comments (3)

  • Electric Bugatti 🤮

      1 month ago
  • Bugatti representing the present, Rimac for the future, sounds good!

      1 month ago
  • Bugatti and Rimac? That sounds like a dream match! 👍

      1 month ago


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