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    Bugatti unveils its latest hypercar : the Bugatti Bolide

    And the name "Bolide" is not usurped : 1850 horsepower, and more than 500 km / h of maximum speed.

    3w ago


    Bugatti has struck a big blow.

    Indeed, the Bugatti Bolide marks in my opinion the greatest advance in terms of hypercars since the Veyron.

    First, you should know that the Bolide was born around the following principle : how to build a light or very light hypercar with the emblematic W16 engine of the French manufacturer ?

    Well the answer is there : 1850 horsepower for a weight of 1.24 t (yes, yes: 1240 kg !!!!).

    If we compare to the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+, the Bolide surpasses it in a big way : 250 horsepower more (1850 against 1600), 250 Nm more, and 700 kg less (1940 against 1240).

    The speed performance is more than astounding :

    - 0/100 km / h : 2.17 seconds

    - 0 / 400km / h : 24.64 seconds (the Koenigsegg Regera which holds the 0/400 km / h record made a time of 31.49 seconds in comparison)

    - Lap of the Nürburgring : 5 min 23 seconds and 1 hundredth (time announced by Bugatti, if confirmed, the Bolide would beat the Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo by 4 seconds, which had set the record in 5 min 19 seconds and 54 hundredths)

    - Lateral acceleration : (2.8 G announced)

    Bugatti had teased the number 0.67 in the preview videos without telling us what this number meant, and we have the answer. This is the power-to-weight ratio (0.67kg / hp), which means in plain language that each horsepower / engine power has 670 grams of the Bolide to move. How this mind-boggling result is possible, well, the body is 100% titanium, and the screws and fixings (some parts were designed by a 3D printer) are all carbon fiber.

    Here are the dimensions of the machine : 4.75 m long, 1.99 m wide, and 99 cm high.

    The Bugatti Bolide's braking system is the measure of its performance : 4 forged magnesium discs of 340 mm at the front and 400 mm at the rear, all pinched by 6-piston calipers weighing 2.4 kilos each

    The design of the Bolide allows a downforce of 1800 kg at 320 km / h

    Finally, the unique X-shaped rear light is a tribute to the Bell X-1 (the first aircraft to have crossed the sound barrier).

    The Bolide is only a study prototype (for the moment ???).


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    Comments (6)

    • 1240kg? Impossible. Bugatti dont know how to make cars under 2000kg

        27 days ago
    • Ssc tuatara: ima fast boi

      Bugatti: hold my beer

        27 days ago
      • It's not gonna be faster than the SSC in a straight line. But in the corners, this could make Sennas piss themselves

          27 days ago
      • Good point, ps how’s Hobbes

          27 days ago


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