Bugatti vs KoEnigsegg

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There is now doubt about Bugatti invented the hypercar with the Veyron. But that was a decade ago and now there are many competitors who want to take the crown of hypercar king. At the forefront of these is Koenigsegg.

It would be amazing to see whether the Regera or Chiron would win in a head to head (Motor Trend wink wink nudge nudge). So until then let's just look at the stats on each.

The Chiron has 1479 horse power and 1180 foot pounds of torque. It has a 7 speed automatic transmission and drive to all 4 wheels. It's kerb weight is roughly 4400lbs. 500 will be built and each unit costs 2.7 million US dollars. 0-60 in under 2.5 seconds and a top speed limit to 261 mph. That's quite an achievement.

The Regera has 1500 horse power and 1475 foot pounds of torque. It has a 1 speed koenigsegg direct drive giving power to the rear wheels. The Regera is Koenigseggs first attempt at a hybrid system and it uses electric batteries provided by Rimac. It's kerb weight is 3510 lbs. Koenigsegg has plans to 80 Regera's with each unit priced at 1.9 million US dollars. It's 0-60 time is under 2.7 seconds and it 0-250 time is under 20 seconds!!! And you can take the roof off!!!

So that's their specs but until someone tests them we won't know. Tell me which one you think is better and which one you'd have.

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