Build your own Lego Mercedes W196 and W08!

1y ago


As usual, and for the last time in this series, I have uploaded instruction files and parts lists to the OneDrive folder containing all the cars since the beginning of this series.

If you have the parts needed (or close enough!), you can just open the PDF instructions and start building your Mercedes F1 car right away. If you don't, you can go the Bricklink website and upload the .io file to your "Wanted List", it should give you a full list of the parts and where to buy them. For reference, the W196 should cost you about $13 in parts, while the larger W08 should come about $30.

If you have any question about these two or any other car I've built so far, feel free to ask.

Happy bricking, and see you for my next project, very soon!

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