Build your own ugly, custom electric bike

There are pretty bikes. And there are ugly bikes. but there's nothing like riding a bike you built.

4y ago

Like my first one. It was heavy, slow and loads of fun. It began as a 1987 Honda Rebel 250. Using the EL Chopper ET manual from John Bidwell, we chopped, and stretched it to get the guts of a golf cart drivetrain inside.

Two more resources that you might use if you try one:

This is a really generous and clever group of motonerds who will help you get your own build done.

The OG site for DIY builds. There aren’t a lot of pretty rides here, but there’s more inspiration and gutsy let’s-just-build-it mojo in this community than you’ll find anywhere.

Specs for the rebel:

• 6 in overstock front end. 
• Harley seat
• 10 rise handlebars
• Arlen Ness headlamp
• Powdercoat.
• MotorBriggs and Stratton Etek Permanent Magnet DC
• Drivetrainchain drive 
• 12 to 54
• Alltrax AXE 4844 controller
• Batteries4 Interstate group 24 deep cycle, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded
• System Voltage48 Volts
• ChargerSchauer 15 amp 48v
• Instrumentationvoltmeter for 48v pack
• Top Speed 60 MPH (96 KPH)
• Range 20 Miles (32 Kilometers)
• Seating Capacity 2 adults
• Tires stock Rebel
• Conversion Time 3 months til running
• 6 more til finished
• Conversion Cost ~3000

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