Builders Spotlight: Gene Winfield

- No discussion about influential artists & builders would be complete with out Gene Winfield. His shop, Winfield's Custom Shop, produced some of the most influential Kustoms of the '50's & '60's. Plus, it seems like every one worked for or with Gene.
- The Jade Idol. Owned and restyled for Leroy Kemmerer of Castro Valley, CA in '58 the '56 Mercury is one of Gene's most recognizable Kustoms & it was the one that launch him into fame. The car toured the country for a total of 2 years.
- The car was rediscovered by Rob Powell in '79 at a body shop in very bad repair. The car was restored and changed hands a number of times until 2017 when a mystery buyer sent it back to Gene to get the fade paint job redone.
- King T. Built by Gene and his brother Don in '62 for Don Tognotti the King T would win the AMBER (America's Most Beautiful Roadster) award at the '64 National Roadster Show. Still in good shape the car sold in 2010 for $85,800.
- Frank Poli's '50 Ford Tudor. Restyled in the late '50, this Kustom, shows that a top chop isn't a requirement for a good looking Shoebox. Reworked grill, hood & side trim all come together to make a beautiful car.
- LeRoy Goulart's '51 Ford is another Shoebox produced at Winfield's Custom Shop. The split front bumpers and louvered hood push this Kustom over the top.
- Bill Wolfe's '51 Mercury is another non chopped top car produced by Gene Winfield. This is mostly due to the fact that Bill would drive the car to Gene & get him to do small changes as he got the money to complete them.
- Bill sold his '51 & it traded hands a number of times until finally being lost. Bill had Gene build him a tribute car in time for the 2006 Grand National Roadster show. This version is chopped & fiberglass.
- Still going strong after all these years Gene Winfield painted Mario Colalillo's '59 Cadillac at a metal workshop class in Australia in 2010.

A look at Gene Winfield, Kustom builder.

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  • Cool story, great cars, and the bloke HAS to be a legend with a name like that :)

      2 years ago