- My bmw with JDM style front bumper

Building a car by 15 year old

Here i tell you short story abou what is it like to build a car for a kid

I live in Belgium, and laws here say that i have to be 18 to drive on roads alone, 17 to drive with parents. So when I asked my mom to buy me a car, she probably thought i was just kidding. Later i explained her that I wasn’t. But even then she said I’m to young. And i have no skills to work on car. Everyone said that. And they ware right, i had no skills, no one had skill to work on a car in my family. But that just made me more motivated. After year of begging she agreed to buy me car. I choose BMW E36. And because i had no knowledge E36 was 316i. At the beginning i had to choose what do I want to do with car. Drift car? Rally car? Drag car? Track car? I had some time to choose, meanwhile i did small modifications. I changed steering wheel to a more sportier, with quick release. I found it very cool to be able remove the wheel whenever you want. Next thing was a little bit harder. Short throw shifter. It was bit harder because i had to go underneath the car. But thats all. I couldn’t check if it was properly fitted in, only reverse and first gear. I was pretty sure it was fitted in. Later i saved some money from pocket money and bought some cheap coilovers. Not gonna lie, i was scared to install them. Because I wasn’t sure if i will manage to. It took me 2 months to finish installing it. And now i had no money for parts. You probably have no idea how hard is it to get money for car parts when you are 15 year old. You cant get job, mom is not bank, and money doesn’t grow on trees. But there is always a way to get money. Thank god my friends father offered me a job, one day job, chopping wood, and putting it in places, he payed me 10€ per hour. So I managed to get 150€. You cant get any mad parts for that amount of money. And because i was stupid I decided to buy JDM body kit for BMW, i have no idea what was I thinking. In the photos you can see how it looks. It looks different then what you usually see, but I really regret it, in future i will probably buy M3 bumpers. I also want to put better engine, from 325i. But everywhere you need money. In future my dream is to take my car to Zolder circuit for a track day, and not get lapped by other bmw’s.

That’s about it. I will keep everyone updated in future.

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