- New Jet Engine Design Built From A Turbo

Building A Jet Engine From A Turbo

42w ago


It's not as odd as it sounds, the modern materials found in today's turbocharges can be just as easily found in jet engines. Hot gasses from the combustion engine drive the turbine section of your turbo, which in turn drives the compressor wheel. The only difference between this and a jet engine is the way the hot gasses are produced.

Flame tube for the new engine

In a jet engine the hot gasses are produced by mixing fuel and are directly and burning them in a flame tube and combustion chamber Assembly . Around one third of the air compressed by the compressor wheel is burnt. The flame tube enables the fuel and air to mix, slowing the compressed air which can be travailing close to the speed of sound as it comes from the compressor wheel. The other two thirds of the air is used to cool the gasses from the combustion down to around 750 c, below the melting point of the turbine wheel

CNC machine billet compressor wheel for the new jet engine

For this new jet engine, every possible lesson learned by my and my friends has been used in a hope of building one of the most advanced home made jet engines yet. All the time share with others it's progress and problems, pushing the build forward to its hope powering a new world record project.

Guinness world record Jet Kart Built By Me

To learn about this project and others, join us at Jet and Turbine Owner , JATO or search FaceBook for DIYGT. You can learn more from the video below

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