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#FlashBackFriday to my video of that time I built a Lego Caterham kit with my daughter and then took her for a spin in a real one! This was back in 2016 in Dubai for Motoring Middle East.

I wrote at the time:

"My daughter, Leena, is a massive Lego fan. I once showed her a video of a man building a Ford GT40 model for display at LeMans and she couldn’t understand why this man had access to all these Lego bricks.

"When I told her that he actually worked for Lego on making models like this, her little face lit up – ‘THAT’S a job!’ I think a career decision might have been made then and there. So it was inevitable that she’d want in on this.

"You can watch the entire build process in the video. Don’t worry it’s speeded up in most parts, it had to be, because between us the process took over four hours. Although I suspect that left to her own devices, Leena alone could’ve built it quicker. She even says as much on the video!

"One of the great things about a kit like this, particularly one as intricately detailed as this, is that in building it, Leena got some idea of the construction of the actual car. And she was most fascinated with building the engine and transmission and the interior dashboard.

"It was only fair then, that I took her down to compare it to a real Caterham. And whilst there aren’t any 620Rs here in Dubai yet, the guys at the Dubai Caterham Dealership – Eras Customs & Classics – managed to conjure up a yellow example just for us to compare with.

"Naturally I had to take upon myself the task to take Leena for a spin in this box-fresh yellow beastie and she got to scream her lungs out in joy."

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