Building brand loyalty

2y ago


Building brand loyalty is important in the new car market. Getting a potential customer to walk into a showroom is one of the hardest challenges for car companies considering the myriad brand choices consumers now have.

For this reason I believe car companies should pay greater attention to the younger participants in a new car purchase; the children who are there with their parents. Because there is a lot to be said about the statement ‘you never forget your first car’.

Volkswagen gets it. In Australia they ran an advertisement for the Jetta with that very tag line showing a new baby being brought home and then growing up with the family car. As many of us know, cars can be very special to us for a variety of reasons.

I have been following with interest a story published about one such special BMW that was purchased new from a dealer in the United Kingdom over twenty years ago. The car played an important part in the family history and was eventually passed from father to son. The son then went back to the same dealership and purchased two brand new BMWs.

The development of brand loyalty in my children got me thinking about the importance of how children are treated by sales representatives when the parents come into a dealership to purchase a new car.

My top tip for all car company Marketing Executives is this. Make the children feel special about the new car purchase as well, maybe give them a small gift like a model car or the like. This memento may just be the ticket to a new car purchase in the future.

Sure the pay off may take twenty years, but just consider how hard it is going to be to sell cars in the future and to build a new generation of petrolheads with the advent of car sharing and autonomous vehicles to name just two challenges.

How strong is brand loyalty in your family? Please share your stories in the comments section!