Building, Re-building and Re-building Again.

Thinking you have 'finished' your project is only the start.

My car is a 2005 Renault Clio Sport 182. Its a little bit rare as its one of Renaults 'ID' Colours. Petrol Blue. 1 of 21.

To get it to this point has been a struggle. I originally bought it back in 2014. Had 6 months of utter joy in it. A few track days, a trip to Wales all was good. Decided to treat it to a bit more power in the form of some Cams. Work was done and all was good again for a few more months. Little did we know the car was about to go wrong. A dodgy o2 sensor had upset the mapping and caused come internal damage to the block. After filling it up with more oil than petrol i decided to take the car off the road and build it in to the car it deserved to be. 10 months it was off the road in total. Upgrade a lot of the car and spent some serious money on it. New Brembo 4 pots, Uprated engine, Qualife Differential. Really tidied up the car.

So in the Summer of 2016 the car was back. Felt better than ever, really pleased i spent the time and money on it. Even treated it to some new Recaro seats.

That was the only decent picture i got of the car before it bit again.

With winter fast approaching and wanting to get some more track time under my belt, a half track session at Goodwood was booked at the OrigineRS day. Was going well but 3 laps in...... Clunk. The car had starved itself of oil and spun a main bearing. I had had the car back for less than 2 months and again it was dead.

After debating to store it away, break the car i got hold of another engine and over a weekend got it swapped over again. 3 weeks later it took a journey up to EFI parts to be fully remmaped. Came away with 185bhp + 161flbt.

Back working with track days planned....... Lightning doesn't strike 3 times does it ?

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