Building the ultimate Lexus IS 200 Daily - Episode 1

Coilovers & Brembos

36w ago

Want a stylish, luxury (ish) RWD saloon but BMW's aren't your thing? The Is 200 has you covered.

Intended to take on the legendary 3-series & C-Class Mercs, the Lexus IS 200 is a RWD Luxury saloon engineered by Nobuaki Katayama & Hiromu Naruse (Also known for their work on the AE86, MK4 Supra & Lexus LFA). It's powered by a range of inline-6 motors with a rare high-revving 3sge inline-4 thrown into the mix.

That being said, it's a design that's pushing over 20 years old today, so we decided to drag it back squarely into the 21st century with a host of upgrades! So throughout this series, we will be ripping apart Lexus's brakes, suspension, exhaust and replacing it with a set of new parts from Teins adjustable coilovers to a set of huge Brembo 4-pot callipers paired with Lexus ISF's disc brakes.

There are more updates planned for the car, chassis bracing, wheels, shifter... and the engine bay has curious bit of of empty space right around the exhaust manifold, we've also heard that the stock 2 liter straight-6 isn't impartial to some boost either...

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