'Built for Bond'

This article looks at latest Aston to be graced by Bond, the DB10.

Now don’t get me wrong here DRIVETRIBERS, James Bond has driven some astonishing cars! My very first article was on the Aston Martin DB5 you should maybe check that out once you’re done reading this.

Only 10 were purpose built for the film and according to Aston boss Andy Palmer only one will be made available for sale, which it makes these cars extremely desirable and rare. The one car that was put up for sale in 2016 was actually driven by Bond himself and was only estimated to fetch between £1m-£1.5m at a charity auction, however when the hammer finally dropped the end figure was £2,434,500. Also in the lot at the auction was a watch worn by Daniel Craig in the film and also his ‘Day of the Dead’ costume, in total almost £2.8 million was raised for charity.

The DB10 is powered by a cool 4.7 litre engine which is enclosed inside a slick carbon fiber body which is more than enough to wipe the floor with the Jaguar C-X75 we see in Spectre. This car has been referred to before as more of a glamour model than a car. She’s curvy, gets A LOT of attention and has one of best behinds I’ve ever seen!!!!

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