Built for Speed Custom Wolf Cafe Dragstar

Wolfgang's high powered Suzuki GSXR 1000 cafe racer

With 30 years of custom motorcycle building under his belt, Wolfgang Batz isn't about to be influenced by other people's ideals. As a graphic and industrial designer, he's developed his own aesthetic and has the skills to conceptualize and fabricate his own components. His latest work is by no means your average, run of the mill cafe racer, much like the other bikes he builds at his 'Custom Wolf' workshop. The bike started out as a personal project giving him the freedom to do whatever he wanted with it. When he was asked to sell it mid-build it was the customer's willingness to allow Wolfgang to finish it his way rather than the wad of cash he was waving that sealed the deal. After 2 years of hard work the result is a one of a kind, high powered cafe racer that Wolfgang has named his 'Cafe Dragstar'.

Using a traditional cafe racer build approach Wolfgang built the Dragstar by transplanting an engine into an alternate frame. The frame he chose for the task was that of a 1982 Kawasaki Z1000 ST. The ST was Kawasaki's first shaft driven motorcycle and it featured a larger cradle frame with extra gussets in the rear and around the headstock to cope with the stresses of the shaft drive. While Wolfgang had no interest in running a shaft on this bike, he was planning on transplanting a high powered engine into it, so the extra strength was a plus.

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