"Built vs Bought" a quick rant

51w ago


I have always been fascinated by a few things, how hard would I have to push to pop out my eyeballs, how men ran the 100M sprints naked in ancient Greece ( have you ever tried sprinting naked? As a man it is simply not possible! ) and the endless ignorance of die hard fan boys.

We all know them and hate them, people that ignore the flaws of their favourite cars and convince themselves that there simply isn't anything better on earth. In the past these little children were only occupied by specific models, however since the rise of the Hyper Car, we have seen a spike in "PEOPLE" trying to convince everybody that a Bugatti or Koenigsegg is a massive waste of money and that you can go fast by simply modifying a Peugeot 106.


I can forgive the fact that you probably don't have a very large portfolio of driven cars to your name and should from that standpoint forgive your naive view on the matter, however I dont want to. I am so sick and tired of hearing how you could just spend 100k dollars to build a car with 1500hp and then go on about how you could destroy anything else on the road.

Of course you could, in the same way that you don't need to buy a house in a nice neighbourhood if you could just build a palace in a Junk Yard made out of Spinach! Or why spend money on nice clothes? Just sew them yourself! Want to get the missus some new underwear? You're obviously a renaissance man, some string, a dead pidgeon, glue it together, voilĂ !

Owning a Bugatti is different than owning a 1500hp Nissan GTR. The way it accelerates is different, the top speed is different, the gear shifts are different, the comfort is different. You can drive to Monaco, have lunch and drive back home the scenic route, without having to stop 98 thousand times to fill the radiator up with low fat yoghurt because it contains a specific bacteria that will prevent it from blowing up the cooler for the coolers cooler.

At the same time you can destroy any other car on the street, over and over because your car was built by germans in a laboratory and not by your friends cousin "Mo", from Peckham, who believes Adidas pants are the pinnacle of society.

Sure, I am not one to deny facts and one day when I grow up, I would love to own a 1000hp Chevy S10 Pickup truck sleeper but I wouldn't go around telling people its 10x better than a Veyron for a tenth of the price, even though I know its made of recycled bicycle tubing and spit.

There are 2000hp LSX cars that would blow a Koenigsegg out of the water or do the 1/4 mile in less time than it takes you to fart, but they get put on a trailer and taken straight to an inspection, whereas the Koenigsegg owner will get in his leather seats, turn on the radio, maybe stop at a petrol station and buy a Red Bull whilst listening to Daft Punk on his radio (and blow right past you on the highway, towing your trailer)

If you're a real car guy, you can appreciate these engineering marvels, as well as the tuning capabilities of the Hondas but most importantly, you can distinguish them.

I am faster than anybody on DriveTribe, because my form of transportation is the TGV.

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