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So whilst we're all clicking around 'bumping' posts, adding pictures and all trying to work out why we need another social media outlet. I think there's some irony that the main 'goal' for us tribesmen (and tribeswomen) is to receive a 'bump'.

Obviously C/H/M wanted to be a bit different so the simple 'Like' function wasn't adequate. But for the car world a bump is a bad thing, whether a 'bump' with another car, and inanimate object, a human being (heaven forbid) or then there's the whole traffic calming, sump smashing, fun ending speed bump.

Whilst I get it that it's a 'bump' to push my post to the top, but maybe a 'push' would have been a better choice of word. Who'd ever refuse a push from a fellow motorist in our hour of need?

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  • I think followers are better than bumps, but a good bump to follower count is probably equally as important. Bump/Follow me and I will return the good gestures every week!

    1 year ago


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