Buried away - All go and no show

2y ago


I am genuine pleased in a school boy fashion with my new seats. Something I have never attempted and plus the changes in the MOT regulations means it could all be for nothing. I drive a Volvo so of course I am safety conscious - so why on earth would you want to remove some of the safes & comfiest seats in the business. Can you tell this keeps me up at night? No well because of weight. I lost 5 stone already this year (more than what 1 standard volvo seat actually weights - including the motorised memory ones). I bought some nearly new cobra seats from another failed to get of the ground project. Technically you can see where my work is if you get a torch and shine it under the seat. Grinding and remodelling the seat took some ingenuity and I even used laser alignment (usually reserved for putting up shelves) to get the drill point on the opposite side of the main tube that I mounted to the cobra seat frame.

You'd almost swear it was OEM

Gas struts re-installed

I am genuinely chuffed that the functions of the seat motion are preserved and I have been able to keep the same 3 point latch that was on the original and because the runners are OEM - there is no issue with mount points.

Closed deck engineered to perfection

There are lots of buried gems in my latest build - not least of which is the closed cylinder deck section - an intricately woven insert between the block wall and the cylinders - it is a thing of art and now & hopefully forever more buried under the head gasket and cylinder head, along with the crowns of the forged wiseco pistons. I could stick something in the engine bay to tell people of their existance but the Corsa crowd have already cornered the market on door leading edge reminders.

Lightened Single Mass Flywheel

It is possible to argue that fitting a lightened flywheel is counter-intuitive, given that a flywheel is an energy storage device. None the less this particular TTV supplied beauty will be hide inside the bell housing along with the new D5 clutch assembly.

Inside the manifolds

I have spent many hours removing casting flash from inside thing to make the air go just that bit faster - I hope that people will see this once the dyno results are in.

Just so you know I have done these runners too

The exhaust manifold made of cast unobtainium was also extensively worked to remove any and all irregularities I could reach. Same for the turbine housing and collector.

Much grinding was required to achieve a burr-illiant finish

Zircotec blue heat treatment.

Turbine collector smoother than a babies backside!

Both the hotside of the turbo and the Technically you could argue that you can still see the blue heat treatment coating they were finished with is visible - but it is tucked behind the engine between the firewall and the head - so you may need to contort you head to see them.

Ready for assembly onto the engine.

Combustion chambers and ported runners in the head were polished with almost OCD levels of time , money (in polishing consumables) down to 600 grit buffs. They killed a dremel in the process. Again the dead dremel and the finish is now hidden away.

Polished combustion chamber crowns and exhaust runners see daylight for one last time.

Please feel free to share your own hidden gems on your builds. We can appreciate the time, effort and money before they disappear.