BUrning the candle at both ends

      And sometimes in the middle too.

      4y ago


      There are just not enough hours in the day, so I find myself looking at the clock at gone 2am after spending another evening in the garage (the 3rd in row). I am probably ,my own worst enemy when it comes to going to bed, because I will flap around just trying to find a decent stopping point & yet still I am messing about typing this up. Today's stop cause by nothing more than a gasket I thought I had ordered months ago - but sadly it was the wrong one. You see I have waited months for this engine block to be returned from Shemtek, with all kinds of snags and delays along the way, so now that it is back I am driven to try to get in there as soon as it is politically OK - maybe 9 ish? Kids are all bathed and in bed, wife is fed and ensconced in front of the TV - so surely it's OK for me to disappear, right?

      I have to obviously swallow hard on the guilt of leaving her to fend for herself and perhaps the kitchen is not that tidy. Offsetting that with cups of tea for her is my preferred method. I think I have more guilt than most catholics??! I don't feel like I am a gifted spanner monkey and often it will take many more hours than most to get stuff done. I live in perpetual fear of stripping something out of that white block. For example when I put the cams in I should have used the locking tool and set number 1 on TDC, ready to accept the timing belt, but instead like a complete numpty decided it was better to lay the cams in such away that none of the followers were depressed, to make it easier to bring the cam cover down. After securing the cover I then turned the cams to the right position. More through luck than judgement, none of the valves got bent. Just a bull in a china shop and I need to take more care. Nico Rosberg has it easy - he only has 1 daughter - I've got triplets and a 4 year old, a full time job. It is no small wonder that I occasionally blunder my way through. I should know better and perhaps more sleep would help?

      If you have any tales of guilty pleasures or woe then post in the comments below.

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