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Business not usual

1y ago


There isn't an insignificant amount of us that love this legendary brand, Alfa Romeo. For some it is the classic sports cars, for others it the beautiful looks and the promise of an Italian pure bred for everyday use. Admittedly, however, there are a lot fewer of us willing to purchase one of their vehicles.

These are the numbers;

Alfa Romeo has 20 dealerships nationwide, August, September and October 2017 they sold a total of 7, 6 and 14 cars respectively. It clearly doesn't make business sense to to rent a showroom to sell the brand. It is especially worrying considering that the numbers have not shown much improvement even after the launch of the Giulia compact sedan.

Alfa Romeo Giulia

There is some light. Jaguar sold just as depressing numbers for their XE sedan but are currently selling their F-Pace SUV into the 50's a month. So in comes Stelvio to shine it's headlights on the old Italian auto maker's figures. It's taken a while but better late than never.

It's a beautiful thing to behold when seen in the metal. I wish them all the best - it would be sad to lose the marque.