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Well! Classic cars converted to EVs, makes EVs that much more exciting.

1y ago

So, recently I came by this article by TheThings.com which drew my attention for an unusual reason. It is unusual because XING Mobility, a provider of advanced electric vehicle powertrain and battery technology has swapped a classic '69 Camaro with an Electric motor and battery pack which supposedly bolts on to the existing transmission, so no powertrain swap is necessary.

Under the hood, it seems weird, is a 450 Volt AC induction motor making 320 quiet horsepower, which, to be fair is a lot in a setup that has instant torque delivery, is very close to the 6.7L V8 with which it rolled off the line. They kept the classic look, it still has that going for it.

I have never been a fan of older cars being swapped with electric motors. I am not a hater of electric cars either. I appreciate those cars for what they can do and also respect the people who are passionate about EVs.

As much as I'd like to think that EVs are the debatable future, I do not want my entire childhood ruined for me! I grew up on gas guzzlers roaring around. I accept the concept of Electric cars. It does take the sound but it does give you instant torque which I am all about! But I do not find electric conversions of older cars becoming mainstream among enthusiasts of my generations and generations before.

Maybe, just maybe this may takeoff! Who am I to predict? What do you think of this different Camaro?

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  • I find it to be a BLASPHEMY!!!!!!!!!!! 😡😡🤬🤯

      1 year ago