But...you're working for free!!!!

You've probably heard this one too? Here's my thoughts on the alleged exploitation of drivetribe leaders

4y ago

Whether you're on Facebook, Twitter or any internet forums you'll have heard this one being bandied around by internet haters for a few weeks at least.

Yes - it's true that DriveTribe is not currently monetising the content on their website. This is for a few very important reasons that I'll try to keep brief.

1: There are no ads - You can't make money without ads. Look left - then right. See any ads? Didn't think so. If anything, this site has cost the investors (including Clarkson, May and Hammond) millions from their own pockets already.

2: Who gets paid what? - How is it at all practical to start a brand-new website with a monetisation system already in place? Do the "big names" deserve more just for showing up? As it happens, a few of those "big names" are so far only sending traffic to their YouTube channels and own websites.

3: The good stuff will come to the top - With time to bed in, the quality content will hopefully be separated from the usual clickbait drivel that pollutes other areas of the internet. When this happens and it's clear a Tribe can generate returning, loyal visitors - I'm sure they'll be rewarded sufficiently for their efforts.

Have you noticed it's the ones who aren't participating that are directing most of the hatred? After all, it's not easy to come up with thoughtful, clever articles, day after day that can attract an audience. Those who can't, hate. It's the way of the internet after all.

Finally, there's the term "working for free". Personally I stopped writing altogether for the past two years. DriveTribe has given me the energy and purpose to start writing about my passion once again. This is a positive thing and I'm sure for all of the other content creators out there, it's a similar feeling.

Keep creating, keep posting - ignore the haters.

Words - Shaun Pope

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  • Hey Shaun - love this. I really relate to writing original content and getting huge amounts of positive feedback - but then some really bitter stuff too! I love DriveTribe, and my hope is that by continuing to produce original content that down the line when whatever happens happens, there will be some perks for this. Clearly there wouldn't be at the moment because our aim is to make DriveTribe huge, and monetising at the moment would be a huge turn-off for people.

    Really appreciate the post.

      4 years ago
    • I see you changed your name this week!

        4 years ago
    • Yep! Might go back to Danielle....it tends to change a fair bit as I use both! Started off as Dani and people assumed I was a guy (fair call) so used my full name...which copped me a lot of flack. So just curious to see the effect!

        4 years ago
  • Well said! DriveTribe has given me hope that I can expand my audience, not with paid facebook ads, but with posts that are meaningful to the crowd that DriveTribe attracts. In the end, I hope to entertain and inform; and DriveTribe gives me a clean platform to do just that.

      4 years ago
  • When your posting about your passions it doesn't feel like work.

      4 years ago
  • Feel free to use it Shaun

      4 years ago
  • True, there is some shite on Drivetribe but Bike Throttle is a class act (along with Dogs in Cars). Entertaining writing, original photos of real life lunacy and the chance to reply with a bollocks comment. What more could you ask for? Apart from a go at the chocolate factory……………

      4 years ago
    • Yep agree 100% . Really like Dogs in Cars - what was the original 'whaaaaaaat?' tribe - there are many copies hoping for the same kind of success now unfortunately but that was a one-off success!

        4 years ago