- These three 1986 C4 Corvettes purchased at Mecum Harrisburg 2019 in August are now consigned for $10K more.

Buyer Beware: Know The History or No Sale!

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You may recall our "How To Buy Three Corvettes For $20,250 Like A Boss" post from our coverage of the Mecum Harrisburg 2019 Collector Car Auction this past August.   While sitting next to Joe, a retired private bidder, we watched him purchase three 1986 C4 Corvettes for a total of $22,275 ($20,250 for the Corvettes plus ten percent for Mecum’s Buyer’s Premium, or $2,025) Joe walked out of the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania the proud owner of three nice 1986 Corvettes.  When I asked Joe what he planned to do with three 1986 C4s, he simply replied, “Flip Them.” 

Joe made good on his promise as his three Corvettes are now available on consignment at the Classic Car Auto Mall in Morgantown, Pennsylvania, about sixty miles east of Harrisburg where he is asking an average of about $6,000 more for each car without needing to put anything into these Corvettes. You can read the full story "Buyer Beware: Know The Full History or No Sale!" on our website to see the full details.

We have nothing against Joe, Mecum Auctions, or the Classic Car Auto Mall. Our point is this:  Caveat Emptor (Latin for "Let the Buyer Beware") is alive and thriving in the collector car hobby, so If you're interested in buying a collector car or truck, learn the history of the vehicle before you negotiate.  We believe there is a story under every hood, however if that's lost in quick double flips like these three Corvettes are currently going through, the car has lost some of its value.  Remember, Know the History or No Sale!

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