Buying a 2.8 Liter V6 Audi A4 Quattro for a £150 - What could go wrong?

A 150mph, quattro Audi with a 30 valve V6 and a manual 'box for a £150? What could go wrong?

6w ago

A few weeks back I was window shopping on the classifieds, you know as well all do every couple of days, and wonder 'what if ?'.

I was looking at cheap Audi's in hope of finding a donor car for my '04 Avant, I duly typed in 'A4 Quattro' and classically sorted them by 'cheapest first'. Then I found this gem; a '97 Audi A4 Salon with a 2.8 30 Valve V6, Torsen based Quattro and a 5-speed 'box, for a whopping £200!

Of course all that was a bit too good be true, I gave the owner a call to find out what's wrong wit the car to justify such a low price. Turns out it was a non-starter and came with a myriad of electrical issues, from non-functioning electric windows to a broken fuel pump relay, the body work was banged up and one of the wings started to rot.

Did it scare us? Pfft! Heck no, the owner was upfront about all the issues, we said we will think about it and get back to him the next day. Few hours later I got a call from the gentleman to see if we would willing to make him an offer as there was another chap, who was about 100 miles closer than us, and was willing to come pick the car up immediately.

However, that person intended to break the car for parts and eventually scrap it. But, the gentleman has had this A4 for 15 years and cared for it quite a bit. So he was willing to accept offers from us, if we promised we would fix it and get it back on the road.

So, two days later we went to see it, talked the price down to a £150, strapped it to a trailer and dragged it back to our shop.

What would you do with it?

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Comments (7)

  • I think you got an awesome deal and it would be worth fixing the things that are wrong and then driving it on a regular basis. I certainly would if it were my car, it'd be worth fixing it for sure.

      1 month ago
    • Ay! We are in the process of, if you are curious there is a another episode on the YouTubes where we are churning thru the fixes ;]

        1 month ago
    • Cool, I'll check it out. I'd love to see the car and what you do to it. Bet it runs fantastically well too. Cheers!

        1 month ago
  • If you are capable of fixing cars then its probably worth it. Once assessed in full you might scare yourself on repair costs and think twice

      1 month ago
    • We are fixing the car ourselves.. Costs.. Let's not dwelve into that, but a new episode is in production and the car might or might not be running 👀

        1 month ago
    • Cool. Keep us all updated on progress.

        1 month ago
  • OK, that is an awwwwsome deal, but, you need to fix that car at the front bonnet, it just looks hideous. But otherwise, its a fantastic DEAL

      1 month ago