C3 Aircross

Citroen's not so small SUV

Citroen have been Inspired by you, with their new philosophy towards producing vehicles. The company have reached out to their customer base and listened to their replies, and requirements. The new C3 launched in january this year is one of the models created from this new engagement with the public, and the C3 Aircross follows this lead.

Small sized or compact SUVs are becoming more popular with the public and car manufacturers want a piece of the market, this being evident with the launch of BMW's X1, Peugeot's 2008 and Audi's Q3. People like the look and versatility of SUVs but they want them just a bit smaller, to fit in supermarket car parks, and get around better on the school run.

Citroen have now launched the C3 AirCross to meet this demand and retain their customers who may have been looking at other brands. The AirCross launches on November 1st replacing the C3 Picasso.

The new model offers endless possibilities in the choices of colour, trim, specs, and engine options. 85 colour choices alone will give customers many hours of thought.

12 driving aids are available, including speed detection / warning, lane detection, gear change advice and the multi option Driving modes selector. This technology allows you to select a driving assist mode from a knob in the centre console. Choose from standard road conditions, sand, mud or snow. Selection changes the grip and power to the wheels.

HUD, heads up display is fitted in the car and it is fantastic. It shows all important information the driver requires, and linked to sat Nav, the turns and directions are shown clearly. A real assist. The car is available in manual and automatic, also petrol and diesel.

A great touchscreen display is fitted which is your sat nav, media link, car settings control and air condition settings. Simple to use and very clear. It also becomes reversing display, when reverse gear is engaged.

Although labelled small / compact the AirCross is anything but. It is spacious inside and with four doors passengers can easily enter and exit the vehicle. Inside they have plenty of room and storage, from drinks bottles, to large suitcases. The rear seats split 60/40 to allow extra laod space and with both rear seats folded forward there is 520 litres available. Enough for a large wardrode or a mountain bike if you are taking the SUV off the beaten track.

The AirCross has a higher ride height than the C3 to allow for drivers to take the car away from the tarmac and explore the country, without having to walk. This vehicle is very capable of allowing you to do just that. As mentioned it has driving modes to suit different surface conditions, it also has hill descent assist which sets a set speed according to the angle of slope. Safely getting you down those heady heights.

Boot space is good, and can be extended by folding rear seats forward.

Boot space is good, and can be extended by folding rear seats forward.

Driving the Aircross is fun and it performs well on the road, with assured handling and good performance. Gear changes are smooth in the manual which has six gears. The car happily sits at 70mph allowing easy motorway travel and the mpg return is great.

I hope to get one for a longer more in depth review, then I can take it on some off road trails, and green lanes. I look forward to that. Please have a look on Youtube Mrjezwebb for film review.

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