- Screenshot of Holden Website's Corvette Page.

C8 Corvette now featured on Holden website

No timeline as to when it will find its way down under but, we know it will be here, with a possibility of RHD....

Recently, I opened Holden's website to checkout the Commodore Sportwagon, I ended up spotting the Corvette in the model lineup.

Screenshot of Holden's Website.

Screenshot of Holden's Website.

People down under rejoice for the most talked about car this year is coming down under. When I checked out the Corvette it did show everything about it - dual clutch gearbox, engine, interior and even a few videos on it.

Screenshot of Holden's Website

Screenshot of Holden's Website

..can expect RHD & the base model..

I then noticed they were all about the US spec of the model and a disclaimer read that the gallery is not a true representation of the model headed down under. So we can expect a RHD version of the Corvette. They have also not mentioned which versions of the C8 are people down under going to get, but, do expect the base model which is the most powerful base model of the Corvette ever and that is plenty.

As of now Holden is just registering for people who want updates about the Corvette heading down under. From the registration form I reckon you will also get priority to order the vehicle and the same for delivery. I am very excited about this. I do not know how much this car will cost in AUD but it is a safe guess we will pay Luxury Car Tax on it, but, it will be worth paying that extra money.

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