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C8 Corvette price hike will ask a little more of your kid's college fund

The mythical "sub-$60,000 Corvette" will forever be a myth.

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As of earlier this week, Chevrolet Corvette prices will now see a price increase of $1,000. Chevrolet's configurator currently lists the base price with destination charges of a 2021 C8 Corvette at $60,995 versus the previous year's $59,995. This falls right in line with recent rumors of the Detroit marque introducing the $1,000 increase beginning Monday, March 1.

Confirmed to Motor1 by blog and forum, Corvette Action Center, each trim is effected by the slight increase with a chart showing the 2LT now starting at $68,295 and the 3LT at $72,495. With the entry-level 1LT at a higher price, the "sub-$60,000 Corvette" has now been relegated to the history books. However, source does emphasize that the price hike only applies to the vehicle itself and not options which remain largely unchanged.

As confirmed by Corvette Action Center, base price with destination charges on a 1LT C8 rises $1,000 to $60,995.

As confirmed by Corvette Action Center, base price with destination charges on a 1LT C8 rises $1,000 to $60,995.

In fairness, this increase is slight relative to the rest of the car, and the idea of a new Corvette under $60,000 has arguably been nothing more than a marketing ploy. Rarely do dealers ever stock stripper, 1LT-trim Corvettes as evident here. Most buyers tend to gun for the best ones they can afford, usually a 2LT or 3LT with options. The highly-desirable Z51 performance package would add nearly six-grand on top of any C8, and non-base wheels are an extra grand at the least.

Fortunately, those with existing orders should be mostly unaffected. Orders with a status code of 1100 or higher will be price-locked. If a dealer hasn't yet placed an order by March 2, those upcoming cars will face the price increase.

Unfortunately, with the demise of the mythical "under-$60,000" Corvette, little Timmy will likely have to pay for his own textbooks this semester to accommodate his parents buying the ultimate mid-life crisis mobile.

From: Corvette Action Center

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Comments (12)

  • Still quite the bargain

      1 month ago
    • Huge bargin!!! I laugh because I paid 50k more for a 10yr old 997.... corvette doesn’t hold its value tho. In 10yrs or less that Vette will be a 10k car. Still a great car

        1 month ago
    • Exactly it is still the bargain of all sorts cars. I can’t wait for Zr1 and flat plane Z06

        1 month ago
  • It's time for little Timmy to get up off his ass then go to trade school and get a job.

    Mom and Dad are tired of paying for him.

      1 month ago
  • Title is gold

      1 month ago
  • No one was ever going to buy a sub $60K brand new Corvette anyway, too many great options to choose from.

      1 month ago
  • love the title LMAOOOOO

      1 month ago