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  • Wow they are really serious about this testing thing. Sooner or later everybody is just going to pack up and move to Montana...

      2 years ago
  • Your PSA should simply be titled: Don't live in COMMIEfornia.

    Oh, and 104dB, that's it?! My HKS 170mm muffler would make that decibel O' meter beg for mercy.

      2 years ago
  • What missing is "at what frequencies". 95db is 95db. That's physics. Generally speaking, that's fairly loud. There are some factory exhausts that are loud and come under the limit. The Fiat Abarth comes to mind. I heard one start up in a showroom. I thought it was insane. Out in the lot-not so much. Less reflective surfaces.

    But I want to shift this a bit. Being a motorcycle rider for decades I heard this bit of nonsense way too much: "loud pipes save lives". Yeah, no, maybe, it's conditional, whatever. I survived decades of riding in NYC and the region without straight-pipes. My secret was Supertrapp disk mufflers. Free flowing and the sound radiated sideways, not to the back.

    I've done aftermarket exhausts on built up cars, too. Headers have their own sound, but I was picky about the mufflers. You need a bit of backflow on a daily driver. Muffler tips pointed downward. You get the flow, the sound and the diffusion.

    The point I'm wandering towards is "loud" doesn't necessarily equal power. Done wrong it can actually affect power.

    NYC has a similar law. If your exhaust is loud enough to attract police attention, you'll get more than you bargained for. They will scrutinize everything they can see on the car or motorcycle. To be fair, the few times they've checked my cars or motorcycles, they've been good about it.

      2 years ago