Cabin Fever HAWL

I had to go out and get some sweet diecast goodness.

I've been good. I promise. Since this whole Pandemic thing started my wife and I vowed to not make any unnecessary shopping trips. But, today, the weather was gorgeous and I was feeling insanely unmotivated to any chores around the house. I had to get out and HUNT!!

Thankfully, my hunt was quite nice! Fully stock pegs at both WalMart and Target in Keene NH. :)

I've been wanting the Prelude very much. So I am glad I found one on the pegs. This is a seriously well executed diecast!

I'm blown away by how good this gold/champagne color looks on the 944. Brilliant!

Premium BTTF Delorean has excellent details. Very cool.

Matt Burrito qualified for the NASCAR playoffs yesterday! Super happy for him. He's definitely one of my favorite drivers to follow these days. Really cool guy! Hope he makes some noise in they playoffs. (GO BLANEYYY!~!!!!)

Very unexpected, but my favorite find. Greg Biffles race win truck from 2019. Not necessarily an underdog win, but a very unexpected win in the Truck series because he was just filling in that weekend.

Overall it was a great quick trip out. I had to get out of the house. The Biff truck makes me so happy.

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  • I have yet to find that Prelude anywhere. Nice haul.

      1 month ago