CAD assemblies of the mid-engined Corvette have been leaked

1y ago


After numerous spy shots have shown Chevrolet testing a heavily camouflaged sportscar, it is now all but certain that a mid-engined Corvette is coming next year. The C8 is set to be a tectonic shift for one of the most famous cars in history, with the engine placement hopefully bringing the car right up to scratch with the best current performance cars. And thanks to some screenshots taken from a GM engineer's computer, we can get an insight into the assembly of the mid-engined newbie.

The CAD assemblies shown display what appears to be a rather glorious LT1 V8, sitting proud of its engine mounts and the general rear subframe assembly. One of the huge giveaways that this is new mid-engined car is the fact that the engine is bolted directly to its gearbox - something that we haven't seen for generations due to the use of a rear transaxle.

Look! Coil springs! RIP leafs.

This means that weight distribution isn't much of a problem for this new design, hammering home that the entire engine and drivetrain is engineered towards sitting in the centre of the vehicle.

Render courtsey of Javier Oquendo Design.

The Corvette forum where the images were posted has had users debating what exact engine is shown but it has been generally agreed that it is the LT1 V8 currently found in the Stingray and Grand Sport models of the current Corvette range. It doesn't appear to feature any turbochargers so Chevy must be sticking to natural aspiration for the time being.

We expect to see this revolutionary Corvette early next year, taking the fight to its mid-engined European rivals as well as providing a much more competitive layout for sportscar racing. And we imagine that a blanket ban on leaving laptop screens on when away for a toilet break has now been enforced in the Chevy engineering department. With multiple tantalising ingredients, the likes of Audi, Porsche and should probably pay attention to this drastic move from Chevrolet.

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