Yep, that’s my daily driver, a 2007 Cadillac Escalade.
First things first, the tech specs. It’s a 2.7-tonne, 3-row GM dinosaur. It’s powered by a naturally aspirated 6.2L V8 Vortec (and yet there’s still room for a second V8 under the hood if you fancy), which produces just shy over 400hp and onto all four wheels via a 6-speed automatic. My car runs on 95/98 Octane fuel, but the Platinum top trim can run on Bio Ethanol or something like that.
And before you ask, nope, there’s no diesel available unless you go for a GM pick-up ( EXT Escalade not included) / commercial vehicle. Also, there’s some company which will Duramax-swap old Humvees - they might make an exception for your Tahoe, I don’t know -.

Now, although It’s just the standard wheelbase, it’s still big, but then it doesn’t feel like it. The turning circle is quite impressive, no idea how close it is to a London black cab but yeah, way better than some city hatchbacks from this era. The steering is both very light and smooth too. Honestly, my mum’s ’06 New Beetle is a WW2 submarine compared to the Cadillac.
And yes, my dinosaur can handle corners well enough so whenever I get to a sighting spot I look at them like: “What? Never seen a 4x4 go up a mountain before?”

Performance? Well, the 0-60 time is about 7 seconds, and the car will cut the injection at 180kph.
Now, maybe it’s because I’m always too focused on the traffic lights, maybe it’s just because people now get so distracted with the start-stop thing and the GPS and so on. But, even with over both 10 years and 100,000km on the clock, this dinosaur still flies off the line, well enough so every time I check the mirror is like literally watching that Cars scene when the mustaches fall off the pit staff, over and over again. Even Range SVR’s and AMG A45’s flip out, just saying.

Best experience? We bought the car back in May 2009 so, for its 10th Anniversary, I drove it to Monaco for the Top Marques weekend with a couple of friends. Right in the middle of our way back home, the odometer changed to 100,000km. Also on our way back, even suffering from a bit of an oil leak, I still got it up to 175kph, keeping up with a Urus along the Riviera for a few yards, just awesome.

Well, obviously. It’s a 10-year-old family car so… You get quite some wind noise, some plasticky bits from underneath the seats have fallen off, second-row armrests are a bit loose, both pairs of headsets are somewhere at home and out of battery, both front windows don’t wind up that properly, volume knob won’t do ( steering wheel buttons only), as I said before it still has a bit of an oil leak, and finally, because Europe is so tight when it comes to parking space, there are some little scratches all over the outside of the car, even on the roof.
Also, speaking of factory features…
The Escalade suffers from the same problem as a Chrysler minivan so, it is only if you go for the ESV long-wheelbase version that you’ll get decent trunk space with all 7-8 seats up. Otherwise, gotta play a bit of Tetris before setting off.
By having pretty much the same dimensions as an LWB Vogue, I thought third-row legroom would be pretty good, but kids today are so tall that em… nope.

Heated steering wheel, 6-CD stereo, DVD player, power outlets for a PlayStation, cruise control, manual mode, electric side mirrors, compass, split-tailgate…
Despite the wind noise, it’s still such an awesome highway cruiser. So funny to see everyone crammed into their crossovers (motorised shopping trolleys).
The car itself might not be as tough as a Humvee, but hell yeah Vortec is quite synonym of bulletproof.
At last, it has a timer. Although I’ll always give preference to my petrolhead ideas, some say it also can be used so you can know how long it’s taken you from A to B, interesting.

Would I ever replace it? Never, I just love it so much. Even if it was for a well-equipped, latest generation Escalade, sorry. but I’m still too faithful to my ’07. It might not even have air suspension, but I just don’t care. The interior might be as plasticky as a Playmobil but still, I don’t care. These GM cars tend to depreciate quite a lot, and yes, it might not have as many gadgets on board as any of its rivals.

But hey!! At the end of the day… It’s the Escalade the one with real fender vents, the one with a real exhaust pipe, the one with 100% real exhaust sound - that lovely old-school Chevy muscle note -, the one that is still non-turbocharged - last of the breed for N/A V8 large SUV’s from America (Ford-Lincoln have gone eco boost V6) -, the one that even being SWB can still seat up to 8 (not just 5), the Panther platform of SUV's, the one with properly-chromed wheels as standard, the ultimate gangster car, the one that doesn’t want you to spend six figures on a luxury car with a diesel engine thing under the hood - because let’s face it, diesel is the sort of stuff your average 30k Amazon delivery van usually deals with -. By the way, the car first came out in 2007, still has a bigger grill than the X7.
Gosh, I’m faithful to this car, love you Cadillac!!

PS: Huge thanks for reading my first-ever car review. Thoughts? Next article in a couple of days. Apologies, IG page is still a bit under construction.

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