Cadillac teases its first-ever EV, the Lyriq ahead of its August 6th debut

Charging port appears to be lifted from the TRON light-cycle

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Another month, another EV gets ready for launch. Come August 6th and American luxury carmaker Cadillac takes its first step into the EV world with the launch of this all-electric luxury crossover - the Lyriq. And to further charge up the EV excitement, the carmaker has released a couple of teaser images as well.

I admit these aren’t the most revealing photos you would’ve seen, but they do give away a couple of things. For instance, the primary picture is of the charging port, which appears to be stationed on the front fender. Judging by the photos, its mechanism is enough to differentiate it from the EV-benchmark - Tesla.

The charging port door doesn’t operate like a traditional fuel filler door. Instead, it emerges from the bodywork and moves ahead, towards the wheels. Inside, there’s a TRON-like light sequence as well to give a luxury, I mean, a Cadillac vibe to it.

Not just the charging port door but the battery setup is another aspect where this Cadillac attempts to distinguish itself from the benchmark. The Lyriq is said to make use of parent company General Motors’ Ultium battery packs which claims to scale down battery costs while also being available in multiple capacities, ranging from 50kWh to 200kWh. The top-spec battery pack offered by Tesla is capped at 100kWh. The average modern-day EV gets equipped with a 50kWh battery pack, enough for commutes within the city.

Intrigued about which car might get the top-of-the-range 200kWh pack? Sources say that the upcoming Hummer EV will be the first car to come equipped with the said battery pack, in its top-spec derivative. No word on what battery capacity will underpin the Cadillac Lyriq.

The second image teased is of the crossover’s silhouette, a shape getting standardised with most of the new launches, unfortunately. Having said that, the Lyriq has a cool-looking silhouette which reminds me of the stylish Audi Q8. Rest of the details have been kept under wraps, including the cabin and the powertrain specifications.

While the Q8 won’t be a competitor for the Lyriq, but the E-Tron from the same German stable certainly will be. Jaguar’s I-Pace shall also get considered as a Lyriq rival in terms of luxury, the Tesla Model Y shall compete under the all-electric and crossover bases.

With the ongoing social distancing norms followed around the globe, Cadillac will be hosting a virtual reveal of the Lyriq on its media site on August 6th 2020 at 7 p.m. Expect the interior of the vehicle along with motor details to get shared then. Oh, and did I mention about the suave-looking illuminating crest start-up sequence? I dig that.


Does the Lyriq look capable of reviving Cadillac's good fortunes?

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  • Looks good, and other brand that will look to hammer tesla. I do however suspect that every mainstream manufacture will better Tesla on quality. Tesla watch out as your your lead will get eroded unless you can keep ahead.

      1 day ago
  • Looks cool, hope the hatch doesn’t malfunction, then you couldn’t use petroleum fueled powerplants to charge my Cadillac. And since you’re charging it, presumably low on battery power, couldnt get it to the shop for repair....

      15 hours ago