Cafe Racing through the cotswolds

I never feel like I get out and about on my motorcycle enough. Living in London, rarely do I wake up and see weather inviting enough to entice me. So one must dig deep to find the desire to get out in the cold on occasion. Well fate shined on me for 2 days a few weeks ago and I managed to leave the big smoke for an overnighter in the Cotswolds, courtesy of my 79 Suzuki GS750 Cafe Racer.

Starting from London I blasted my way through Oxford and into the town of Burford for a pub breakfast to start. I then rode on flowing roads to the the Cotswold Motoring Museum in Burton on the Water, followed by a quick stop in Broadway to see the highest castle in England, Broadway Tower.

After that I made my way into Chipping Campden to start my post ride party at The Voluenteer Inn Bed and Breakfast, where I was given a free cask ale (or 2) on arrival. Then it was time for a semi boozy mini pub crawl finally ending up back at the Vol’ as it was clearly the best place in town!

It was a really fantastic ride, and one I’d like to do again when spring comes. There are countless little villages in the Cotswolds, and the countryside makes for awesome views along your ride. Next year is the year of English road trips, MARK MY WORDS!!!

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