- C&M Opening Day

Caffeine & Machine // An Automotive Oasis

The UK has a new home for automotive enthusiasts. Brainchild of Phil McGovern, Caffeine & Machine is not an easy place to describe. It’s a coffee house. It’s an art gallery. It’s a shop. It’s a restaurant. It’s a bar. It’s a B&B. It’s a meeting place. It’s everything and nothing.

Like Forza Horizon in real life.

Having attended various shows and events over the years, something I previously hadn’t noticed has become more prevalent recently, a severe divide. This isn’t to say that shows are not embracing the culture or that the cars are not varied enough, more that enthusiasts are not embracing other enthusiasts...

"One more burnout!" - Wookie

Check out the full article and gallery at www.keepitclean.uk.com

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  • Had a great time here with the van! 🚐

    1 month ago
  • All my friends keep going to this I need to check it out!

    1 month ago


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