Calculated: How much horsepower does Santa's sleigh have? – Mike's Mechanics

      Spoiler alert: a lot

      1y ago



      Being a petrolhead at Christmas time can be tough – your family is forcing you to partake in the festivities and you’ve heard Mariah Carey on the radio one too many times for your liking. Well we’ve managed to mix Christmas with a bit of automotive engineering, answering a question that you’ve definitely never asked.

      Our engineering nerd Mike Fernie has been sitting with his calculator and a notebook for many nights to figure out the answer to this pressing Christmas matter – how much horsepower does Santa’s sleigh need to take-off?

      Spoiler alert – a lot.

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      Comments (11)

      • There is no horses only deer

          1 year ago
        • 1 year ago
      • Maybe the deers r somehow fused the nano-warp-drives

          1 year ago
      • You provided some great entertainment between courses at dinner! Thanks a lot and merry Christmas!

          1 year ago
      • If we take in account that a horse makes 14,9hp and multiply it by 6... Maybe Santa's Sleigh makes around 89,4 horsepower.

          1 year ago
        • Hey, I only want to surprise people with a few numbers ok? Not wanting to calculate the EXACT ammount

            1 year ago


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