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California Adventures II - A Day At Laguna Seca

Scouting Out Monterey, Laguna Seca Raceway, Big Sur, Half Moon Bay, Sonoma, Napa, San Francisco prior to Monterey car week!

Article/Photos/Videos By: Migz (Christopher Migliozzi)

7/14/2018 - Day 4... Finally the start of our vacation. We got up, took advantage of the delightful hotel breakfast (which we carried back to the room), then triple checked that we didn't lose a lucky sock under the bed or forget a charging cable in one of the cabinets that we never used, and headed out.

The trunk of the Mustang GT was quite roomy. After packing it properly, we jumped on the freeway hoping to beat the rush. But alas, traffic! Our mission... to make it to Laguna Seca Raceway for Cars & Coffee.

We arrived just at the end of cars & coffee, but were able to snag some video of the cars as they were leaving.

Lucky Dog Racing League

After cars & coffee, we headed up the hill to the corkscrew. It was a bright and windy afternoon, so bright that colors almost seemed washed out through my clouded squinting eyelids. Even with the cool breeze, the hot sun could certainly burn if one wasn't careful.

From atop the hill, all was quiet. As I panned the landscape, all I could see were mountain ridges, no towns, no highways. On corkscrew hill I had a view of almost the entire track, with some sections gently blocked by small groves of trees where couples were nestled out of the sun enjoying the day.

Screaming around the track came the cars of the Lucky Dog Racing League. I was excited to see activity at Laguna Seca Raceway. Although I was not racing, from this vantage point, I felt immersed in the action. As the cars approached the corkscrew, one car spun out! It stopped ever so easily, without incident just off the track, where it waited to be rescued by the tow. It didn't appear to have sustained any damages, but rather it was just stuck.

More Great Racing View Points

Beautiful Skies

Beautiful Skies

Heavy Cornering

Heavy Cornering

Angry Lights

Angry Lights

Road Rage Apexing

Road Rage Apexing

It's A Dragon

It's A Dragon

Hit The Shop

After walking up and down the hill taking various shots of the race, we stepped back into the car and headed to the gift shop. The last time I was here was in August 2017. Since then, Mazda had left and WeatherTech had taken over. Even with the re-branding the shop retained it's vast selection including the coveted wine corkscrew stating "home of the world famous corkscrew'.


It was time for lunch and I had plans to hit some of our favorite places to eat along the Big Sur, so we headed out.

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