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Panoramic Views with a Super Car Garage

4w ago



Cliffside Living bespoke to the Super Car Lifestyle

There are plenty of homes with a garage, but there are very few homes with a garage elevator to fit multiple super cars. 32013 Point Place, Laguna Beach, California is a home in mind that parallels the design cues of the McLaren 720S, or any high end exotic. Floor to ceiling windows with automated shades to capture or block as much sunlight, similar to the 720S' Electromic Glass Roof. Curved features throughout the design of the home, mimicking the aerodynamic cues of the McLaren.

It not exactly like Tony's Stark home, but the views definitely match and the footprint is much more attainable for a successful individual. You don't have to be a billionaire for this home.

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Comments (2)

  • Very modern nice 👍 but need more garage spaces

      24 days ago
  • Dam where are my winning lottery tickets.. lol my idea of a dream house

      29 days ago