Californians can't order a new 911 GT3 with a manual and petrolheads are fuming

It's all to do with 'noise'.

5w ago

Earlier this week, Porsche announced its latest variant of the 911 which is the 992-generation GT3 Touring and car enthusiasts from around the globe jumped straight onto Porsche's online configurator to spec one up.

However, those in California stumbled across a bit of a problem when they asked for a manual transmission as the Californian government have banned it. Apparently manual GT3s don't meet the noise limits detailed in California's Code of Regulations and this has angered many Porsche lovers.

Porsche says it has only just been informed of this issue and therefore didn't have any time to adjust its cars so they can be used in California with a manual gearbox. Porsche says that California's Code of Regulations (CCR) references the SAW's test procedure J1470 for exterior noise criteria, and this was last revised in 1998. A new standard, J2805, exists now, and it seems that Porsche expected the new regulations to be in effect before the GT3 went on sale, but until they are, the car is illegal.

But not all hope is lost as Porsche says it is working with the California State Highway Patrol in order to work out a solution to this, so it isn't a permanent issue, but it does mean Californian customers will have to make do with the PDK for now, which is no bad thing.

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  • I’ve always wondered how cali has one of the largest car cultures ever. With all these regulations on cars, I’m amazed that you’re even allowed to own one there

      1 month ago
  • California is run by a bunch of nutballs. Also populated by many. Last time I was in the LA area my Wife and I were going to go to the well known spot Pinks for hot dogs. Some crackpot with a big mullet and nothing but a little pair of 70's style basketball shorts on was running around the street with a butcher knife in his hand just a few blocks away. Needless to say we went back to Glendale and skipped hot dogs that day. It is a nice place to visit but a bit off the wall. I'd never want to live there....

      1 month ago
  • California has the kind of emissions regulations that every other State should have adopted by now. The 'auto' versions are less polluting that the stick shift designs because it is possible to run the engine in its most efficient range when you take the idiot out of the equation. Stick shift allows the driver the rev the bollox off the car, which makes it operate using access-fuelling all the time, thus running overly rich and dumping poisonous crap out, that every other poor fucker has to breathe in. It really is time that the average American grew up and started taking some responsibility for their actions. It's one thing to demand freedom, and another to add the codicil, 'at any cost to my fellow humankind'.

      1 month ago
    • Time to ban sports cars then! For that matter all cars. We should all ride bicycles and become vegans and then sing Imagine via zoom call.

        1 month ago
    • Obviously! ...No, of course not, but the reason we're being put into EVs is because normal cars are fucking up our air, and in turn altering our climate. We are living in a strange middle ground where normal cars are still loved, still...

      Read more
        1 month ago
  • Guns are nosier but there not banned!

      1 month ago
  • No biggie. Get the car registered in Montana, and bob's-your-uncle.

      1 month ago