Calling all morris minor experts

Niels Godron of the 'godron's garage' tribe needs your help!

Niels and I have just spent a fantastic morning at the Bugatti Trust at Prescott Hillclimb. Niels made the... bold choice to drive all the way from the Netherlands in his 1968 Morris and sadly on arrival it has decided to give up the ghost. It needs a new alternator before he makes the trip home. Any London based Minor experts that can help please make yourself known.

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  • Thank you all for pitching in suggestions on how to get us back on the road and back to Holland again! With your help I've now found a new dynamo and control box, and we're installing these tomorrow. Just goes to show what a great place Drivetribe really is! Keep you posted. (By the way, Richard and I DID have a great day: join my tribe to find out more in days to come.)

      4 years ago
  • A little out of London near me in Kent but may be worth a try.

    King Street Motor Services

    40 King Street, West Malling ME19 6QT

    01732 843135

      4 years ago
  • Needless to say, my reaction to this last night was a sudden flurry of panic! Having a chat with some people I know.

      4 years ago
  • Can you not get the alternator reworked? Broadway Electrical Services Ltd in Grays was the only place in the UK that was able to do an old Jeep that we needed to be completed quickly. ;)

      4 years ago
  • ESM Morris Minors are excellent, based in Sussex. Their parts got my Morris across the Sahara twice

      4 years ago