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Felt like a few upgrades were needed for the road cars so I picked up a pair of carbon fiber towers for the Alpha and a Kyosho LeMans 240s motor control for the Nissan.

The Alpha rides on a Tamiya TA-04s chassis replete with Spektrum servo, Sportwerks 27Mhz AM radio, Tamiya 25 turn GT tuned motor, and Tekin 411g 300 amp motor control.

I modified a spur gear adapter from an XV-01 chassis bought from Eagle racing to accept the drive and attachment hardware from the 04s. Definitely better than the plastic one.

The Nissan is an R-32 GTR Skyline on top of a Tamiya TRF-417x chassis. Its currently running a Kyosho LeMans 17.5 turn brushless motor, and now the new motor control is matched up very well. Capable of up to 13.5 turn motors, performance on the shakedown run was exceptional.

Radio is from Tamiya and servo is an old Airtronics unit but both are heading out for a matched system from Spektrum with telemetry and a Speedo!

Both cars are running Contact Racing foam tires at 26mm front and 30mm rear for the Nissan and 30mm all around for the Alpha. Both have been widened using aluminum adapters to get corrected stances to match the bodies.

The both of these cars are excellent and getting better with every cycle I put in them.

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