Calling all Quiz Masters

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You guessed it... DriveTribe users can now create and share their very own quizzes. Choose from Personality or Trivia quizzes and share them across your profile & tribes.

Question from a Personality quiz

Quizzes are super easy to create but those of you not familiar with studio can follow the below steps.

Where & how can I create my very own quiz?

In Studio, same place you would go when creating an article, video or photo story.

You can find the link to this on your profile but check out the below gallery which includes the steps to create your very own quiz.

If you create a quiz you're particularly proud of, why not send James King (the leader of DriveTribe's biggest quiz Tribe) a message, and ask him to repost it?

What's next?

We will continue to improve the quiz features and will be introducing Polls and leaderboards. Wider changes across the platform?... a nifty new DriveTribe Garage for each user to show off their rides is coming very, very soon. 

Any questions, issues or just fancy a chat?

We love hearing from you, so add a comment below or drop me a DM and I'll be happy to help or provide additional information on this and the next set of things we're working on.

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