calling all wheel warriors

The tribe needs you.

4y ago

This is a call to all who fight the good fight. To all who know what it means to hold the wheel war above all else. It is not easy doing what we do. Dedicating such massive chunks of our lives to that feeling of freedom, of unparalleled joy and beauty. What makes an empty road and an engine rev-ing one of the most unique experiences on earth I'll probably never know, we'll all probably never know, but as long as there is life in our bodies it is our duty to put life in these mechanical beasts who, like I've said before, cannot spark without us.

As they cannot live without this strange communion between man and machine we, unfortunately, begin to suffer from the same illness. The Wheel Warriors tribe is dedicated to all who understand bonds like this one, and who want to share any type of perspective on the matter. Be it images or comments or even short stories and articles, this is the place to honor our gift sent from the V8 gods. The tribe needs you.

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