Calling American Drivers

Have a US driving license? Free to Travel?

4y ago

Have you got what it takes. This post is on behalf of the Global Convoy. For more information check out their page -

We knew that approaching one of the most bureaucratic nations in the world and getting through customs with unregisterable UK cars was not going to be easy and that we'd face some odd situations....
Currently the best offer we've received from about a week of research/calling is that ONLY AMERICANS can insure and drive our cars through the US and at this point (and unable to bribe #WeMissCentralAsia) we have no other choice haha! We have one American in our team right now but need another...
Are you:
- An American Citizen
- Have an American address
- In or near America/Canada right now
- Have 2 or 3 weeks spare currently
- Have a valid American driver's license
Without some loving American help the journey may have to end for one of these cars and so we are willing to:
- Transport you to Vancouver (if you're near enough by/cheap enough)
- Cover your cost for fuel of the car you'll be driving
- Give you the adventure of your life :D
PLEASE share this in your tribe as even though you might not be able to join us and help out, one of your friends may, so that the documentary (and charity) can continue!

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