C​alm down, the C8 Corvette isn't the second coming

D​etroit's latest sports car may not be as good as it seems

1y ago

Y​ou've seen it you've heard about it, and judging by the fact that Chevrolet's order book is overflowing you might have even bought one, the C8 Corvette is an internet sensation. Unveiled in July the C8 is set to replace the C7 Corvette with one radical new change, it's mid-engined! Oh, and there's one more thing, it costs less that $60,000.


O​h how the people sang. Corvette enthusiasts could finally say, "screw your Ferrari, screw your, McLaren, we too can have a mid-eninged sports-car with 500 horsepower, but for one third the price!!" They went on to say to anyone who would listen, "I guess if it were Eurpoean and it cost twice as much you'd love it!'

B​ut I digress.

S​ee the issue is that while yes, the C8 corvette is a wildly impressive car, there's no such thing as a free lunch. Meaning that it's damn near impossible to build a car with 500 horsepower, a mid-engined layout, good materials, good reliability, and yet maintain a price tag under $60,000.

Q​uality V. Profit

N​ow, to start off there have been several fairly reliable sources who have stated that GM will loose money on every single C8 they sell which is less than $80,000. And this makes sense, because while the new Corvette is $4,000 more expensive than its predecessor, it is a significantly more expensive car to manufacture.

F​urthermore, to offset their costs even more Chevrolet have ditched the manual gearbox, and have likely compromised a little when it comes to quality. Not to mention that many journalists who have had a go in the C8 have said that while good, it isn't "the greatest thing ever" like many have made it out to be. The C8 drives "fine", not great, not terrible, but fine.

S​ee the problem is that simply making a car mid-engined isn't enough, there's so much more to it. Companies like Ferrari and McLaren use materials like carbon fibre, and advanced suspension components to achieve their performance.

A​lso, what people are failing to realize is that they are buying a 500 horsepower mid-engined sports car from Chevrolet for $60,000; something has to give. Whether it be quality, driver engagement, or just straight up reliability there is no such thing as a free lunch.


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Comments (6)

  • I couldn’t agree more with this post, the C8 is not nearly as great as people seem to think it is, people also think it can compete with exotic super cars when it clearly can’t, and until the supposed 900 hp Zr1 model comes out, which I doubt will be that powerful and will probably cost an absurd amount, this car will just be a money pit for GM.

      1 year ago
  • The fact that a car priced at 60k is being compared to quarter million on up supercars is a remarkable feat. You could have two vetts for the price of a tesla.

      1 year ago
  • What exactly about relocating the engine is supposed to make things so much more expensive? More complicated engine cooling? Suspension demands? New frame style? Not trying to be a smartass just curious on this one. I get it should cost more, but don’t really understand the mid-engine = triple the price reasoning.

      1 year ago
  • Just buy a used C7 Grand Sport and save money.

      1 year ago