There's no doubt that Scotland is beautiful beyond boundaries. But it gets even better when you've got your trusty Land Rover and miles of nothingness.

3y ago

Paula Beaumont’s weakness is that she can’t be too many days between two outings when it comes to going off the road. Whenever she isn’t planning a photo shoot, she is usually working out her next destination where one of the major selection criteria is the question of roads or lack thereof. An overland fanatic who’s also a photographer, Paula certainly knowns that to set camp for the perfect visuals is almost always after the paved roads finish. Like all of her previous adventures, this one too was accompanied by her 27-year-old trusty Defender.

What was the plan before leaving?

While I like to be super organised, we thought we’d go with the flow of the unpredictable Scottish weather. So we would either head towards the Scotland’s East Coast or back towards the Isle of Skye, where also my 71-year-old mother, my companion on this adventure stays. She had seen some nice spots to camp, that would be perfect if the weather was ready! We had planned the trip around 8 days. And while no time period ever justifies the trip, it’s the maximum I could muster in between my wedding shoots.

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