Can a car be a piece of art?

I've heard opinions that it can't, so in this short article by using a few examples I’ll try to prove that it can because I seriously believe so.

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1. Porsche 911 reimagined by Singer

To 911 enthusiasts Singer Vehicle Designs is not a stranger. The company located in California specializes in “upgrading” an old Porsche 911. Everything in Singer, with the exterior design, handmade interior and performance is focused on the feeling and experience. Just looking at these beautiful Recaro seats can give goosebumps. It’s not a car to simply transport you, it’s a vehicle to make every second of that transportation special. Quoting James May, Porsche Singer is a love letter to a car and for that reason among many, for me it’s an art.

2. Rolls Royce brand

In itself Rolls Royces are kinda of an art, they are constantly pushing the boundaries of luxurious capability and are redefining the definition of the word luxury. The interior is just a perfectly nice place to be. These vehicles aren’t just some expensive, fancy cars for rich people, what you pay for is a whole new way of showing you what humans can achieve to make their life easier and nicer with an umbrella hidden in the side panel or a special button to close the door for you so you wouldn’t get tired too much as a perfect example. For me this desire to push the boundaries and redefine the world of a word luxury makes these cars some sort of an art.

3. Alfa Romeo Disco Volante

We all love Alfa Romeos. I mean yes, most of the time they’re not working properly but there isn't any other reason to why wouldn’t you adore them and especially this one. It’s based on the Alfa 8C and was rebuilt by a company in Milan called Touring, the designers of an Aston Martin DB5 and a Jensen Interceptor. With this sort of CV you could expect some stunning things, and boy there are many. Equipped with a 4.7L Maserati V8 it sounds fantastic and it's pretty quick too but again, it’s not about that. I would put it in an art gallery just because of its breathtaking styling, I mean it’s just a beautiful thing to look at. And as a hand built toy that makes you feel special it is absolutely perfect and for those reasons it’s not a car, it’s a piece of beautiful italian art .

4. Porsche 911 RWB

We comeback to Porsche with probably the most direct example. RWB standing for Rauh-Welt Begriff is a Porsche tuner located in Japan, started and owned by motorworld legend Akira Nakai San as a small countryside body-shop in Chiba-Ken. Now they’re a worldwide brand with tons of enthusiasts. What makes RWB so special? Well let’s say you’re bored with your standard old school 911 and you want to give it some craziness. All you have to do is buy a special bodykit and apoint in Akira's busy schedule. Then he comes to preprepared garage with a car ready, and only by himself using some simple tools he instals the widebody kit. All the measurements are done without some complexed things, rather by tape or simply the look of an eye. Every car is built different and individually for a client. What I love about RWB the most is that you're not paying for some ordinary widebody modification but for the whole process that comes with building it and later owning it. You don't pay for a car but for a moving work of art .

For me personally, cars are so special that I easily see them as an art. In this article I showed a few examples of many that could be considered as one. I hope that you agree with me and that in future we’ll see more models that could fit this image.

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