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Can a Model X look worse? Yes it can thanks to RevoZport

Body Kit Manufacturer Tunes The Tesla For The Worse

38w ago

W​e have all seen the Tesla Model X. This typical egg-shaped SUV is usually driven by those who are environmentally conscious, want to stand out, or simply need to haul their kids to soccer practice. I am not a Model X fan - I find the styling to be very plain and there's not much that I find interesting in any way. Normally, I would welcome some interesting body tuning on a vehicle like this but sometimes you also have to be careful for what you wish for! Tuning/body kit manufacturer RevoZport recently worked their "magic" on a Tesla Model X and the end result will certainly will draw some attention - just not the type I like. In fact, while I didn't think this was possible, the RevoZport Model XR actually tunes the Tesla for the worse.

The original attempt by RevoZport to pretty-up the Model X took place acouple of years ago when RevoZport made their own version that offered loads of carbon fibre, aesthetic changes, and aerodynamic improvements. For reasons that I cannot understand, RevoZport apparently felt that the design needed to be updated 2020. The result is just perfect for 2020 - the year that everybody hates and where everything goes wrong.

As you'd expect, RevoZport's Model XR is a radical version of the normal Model X, but still includes the Model X's coupé SUV styling cues. But unlike the normal Model X, RevoZport's version is a lot more radical, due to the vented hood, absolutely massive wheels and flared fenders. While I'm not a fan of the pimped out appearance, I am told that this body kit also improves the aerodynamics, downforce, and handling with the help of a better diffuser, front spoiler, larger rear wing, and side skirts.

If you're looking to aesthetically perfume this piggy-looking electric vehicle, t​his questionable kit will cost you approximately $6,800 (5,306.58 Pounds, or 5,779.90 Euro). If you've done the RevoZport thing in the past, the Company will discount this kit downward to $3,900. At either price point, I find the overall look to be absurd.

W​hat do you think? Is this bodykit worth nearly $7,000?

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